Harmful UV Rays!

UV rays are harmful to your car and your eyes

Harmful UV Rays

Window tinting can make a high-end car look even more luxurious and protect your interior from harmful UV rays and your eyesight! 

Comfort and Safety in the Car
Window film offers myriad benefits in addition to protection from damaging UV rays. Window film provides up to 55 percent rejection of solar heat, which means car air conditioners are more effective and efficient, and passengers won’t feel those hot spots as the sun shines in the windows. Window film also offers improved visibility from sunlight, resulting in less eye fatigue for the driver. In addition, in the event of an accident or sudden impact, windows treated with film may offer added protection – the window film can help to hold glass shards together and keep them from flying into the vehicle.

While the sun may feel pleasant to motorists as it streams through the car’s windows on a blustery winter day, many drivers are unaware of the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can damage the skin and eyes, especially with prolonged exposure over time. UV light passes right through unprotected side and rear windows, potentially harming automobile travelers as they battle stop-and-go traffic on the way to their destinations. Moreover, window film protects eyes and skin from the cumulative effects of UV rays, which the U.S. Surgeon General has called a ‘known carcinogen.’

Find out more from the International Window Tint Association, the Window Tint source. https://iwfa.com/blog/amd-and-window-film/


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