Keeping You and Your Car Cool

Mclaren 570 S, with tinted windows

Keeping your car cool in hot weather is essential for your comfort and can also help prevent damage to the interior and components of your vehicle. Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

Does Window Tint Keep Your Car Cool?

Consider auto tinting window service: Tinting your car windows can help reduce the amount of sunlight entering the vehicle, thereby decreasing heat buildup. Window tint will make a difference.

Other options to keep your Car Cool.

Park in shaded areas: Whenever possible, park your car in shaded areas such as under trees, carports, or shaded parking structures. Parking in the shade can significantly reduce the temperature inside the vehicle.

Crack the windows: Leave your windows slightly cracked open to allow hot air to escape and promote air circulation. Be cautious not to leave them open too wide to avoid security risks.

Utilize ventilation settings: Set your car’s ventilation system to draw in fresh air from the outside rather than recirculating the hot air inside. Open the vents and windows to maximize the airflow.

Use air conditioning wisely: Open the doors and windows to let the hot air out when entering your car. Then, turn on the air conditioning and adjust the temperature gradually. Avoid setting the A/C to its coldest setting, as it can strain the system and consume more fuel.

Window tinting is the best solution to keeping the heat out of your vehicle.

Window tinting does more than provide privacy and prevent others from looking inside your car. It also plays a crucial role in managing the temperature inside your vehicle by blocking sun rays. The ability of window tint to keep the interior cool despite high external temperatures can be attributed to several scientific factors.

Window tint films are designed to block a significant amount of solar radiation, including both infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Infrared rays are responsible for carrying heat energy, and UV rays contribute to the fading and deterioration of car interiors. By rejecting a portion of these rays, window tinting helps reduce the heat entering your vehicle, thus keeping it cooler.

It’s fascinating how such a thin film layer can significantly impact a vehicle’s temperature management and provide a more enjoyable driving experience, particularly in hot and sunny climates. Ready for a cooler ride? Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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