Adas Calibration Tools used for windshield repalcement at AG&TS.

Windshield Replacement

Being the best windshield replacement company in the Kansas City metro involves a combination of various factors that contribute to outstanding service and customer satisfaction.

Mclaren 570 S, with tinted windows

Keeping You and Your Car Cool

Keeping your car cool in hot weather is essential for your comfort and can also help prevent damage to the interior and components of your

UV rays are harmful to your car and your eyes

Harmful UV Rays!

Harmful UV Rays Window tinting can make a high-end car look even more luxurious and protect your interior from harmful UV rays and your eyesight! 

1122 Whyisglassinacarsoimportant

Why Is Glass in a Car so Important?

The glass in your car is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. Designed with safety in mind, it plays an essential role in ensuring you and your passengers arrive at your destination.

Installs A Tint Film For The Car Glass

7 FAQs About Window Tinting

Auto glass tinting improves your car’s comfort, increases clarity and creates an overall better look. Before investing in window tint, it’s important to know the

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