Car Window Tinting in the Overland Park and Kansas City Area

Car Window Tinting in the Overland Park & Kansas City Area

Benefits of Window Tinting

Give your vehicle a refreshed look and increase your vehicle’s resale value. Window tinting is an investment that protects the interior now and pays off later when you sell.

Harsh sunlight can be extremely dangerous for drivers, especially in rush-hour traffic when the sun is at eye level. Window tint significantly decreases the sun’s glare.

Our window tint rejects heat and can reduce your car’s interior surface temperatures by as much as 29°F. This creates a more comfortable ride, lessens burden on the air conditioning system, and ultimately saves fuel!

Did you know window tint minimizes the risk of shattered glass? The film holds the glass together in the event of an accident or break-in, which slows down intruders and protects you from possible lacerations and eye injuries.

Window tint helps keep petty thieves at bay by concealing the contents of your vehicle’s interior. If they can’t peek inside, they’re likely move to an easier target.

Our window tint protects the car’s interior from sun damage by reducing ultraviolet rays (UV) up to 99%! This keeps your seats, carpets, or dashboard from warping or fading from the sun.

Driving in direct sunlight can expose you to harmful UV rays that cause sunburns and damage your skin. If you’re at risk for cancer or have children with sensitive skin, a window tint forms a protective barrier.

No more awkward eye contact at stoplights or when scarfing down a burger in the car. Break free from driving around in a goldfish bowl; enjoy the peace, serenity, and solitude of tinted glass.

KC's Best Car Window Tinting Shop

For the best car window tinting services in Kansas City, the professionals at Auto Glass & Tint Shop have you covered. Whether you want to improve your car’s comfort, clarity, or appearance, we offer a variety of Global and Xpel tint™ tints and styles tailored to your needs.

A little about KC Window Film

Car Window Repair Replacement Kansas City

At Auto Glass & Tint Shop, we specialize in all things glass for your car. This experience and knowledge bleeds over into our company, KC Window Film, where we specialize in window tint for your commercial or residential windows. Click the button below to learn about these services and how several of the benefits that come from superior glass can benefit your home or business, too.

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