5 Reasons to Fix a Cracked Windshield Right Away

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It’s pretty easy to put off fixing a chip in your windshield, especially if it’s small and out of the way. As long as it’s not a huge crack then you’re fine to wait until it becomes necessary, right? Wrong! Cracks in your windshield are dangerous no matter their size. Read on to understand all the damage that could ensue if you don’t treat a crack in your windshield like the hazard that it is.

1. A Cracked Windshield is a Safety Concern

When you are involved in a car accident, your windshield plays a crucial role in protecting you and your passengers. In a front-end accident, the windshield helps transfer the intense force to the base frame of the vehicle instead of the interior. A weak windshield lessens any support and could lead to destruction of your vehicle or possible passenger ejection.

This is also the case for car rollovers because the windshield offers 60% of the car roof’s total support, which is the most important aspect of protection during a rollover. To learn more about the dangers of car accidents and cracked windshields, visit our blog.

2. Cracked Windshields Prevent Clear Visibility

Whether the crack is big or small, any damage to your windshield can obstruct your field of vision when on the road. Especially if there is a chip in your line of vision, there is no way you are driving with a clear and thorough idea of everything happening in the vicinity of your vehicle.

If you wear glasses, picture a crack in one of the lenses. That would disrupt your vision quite severely. Additionally, chips and cracks are very distracting and could cause the driver to take their eyes off the road just long enough for an accident to occur.

3. Windshield Cracks Will Spread

Cracks will only continue to worsen so it’s best to deal with the minor issue before it becomes worse.

Bumpy roads and the smallest vibrations can cause cracks to spread. When temperatures drop below freezing, it’s even more critical to get your windshield repaired, as cold weather raises the possibility of a crack extending. If your windshield is covered in a sheet of ice, whether you are trying to save time by pouring hot water on your windshield, or simply turning your interior heat to high, both actions can worsen cracks and cause auto glass shattering from expansion. Make the decision to act the moment a defect occurs.

4. Small Cracks are Cheaper and Easier to Fix

The longer you wait to fix a crack, the less likely it will be for you to receive a repair, and a full replacement will be required. Chips or cracks can be fixed up to the length of a dollar bill with minimal distortion to the glass, but that’s still only about six inches.

A windshield repair is typically quick, improves the clarity of the windshield, and reduces the visibility of damage while smoothing the surface of the glass. Only minor chips can be repaired so act fast to secure your safety and expenses.

5. You Could Receive a Police Citation

Along with the safety hazards and risk of replacement, it is illegal to drive with a cracked windshield for many of the reasons explained above. You become a danger to yourself and everyone on the road when you drive with a cracked windshield. If an officer notices the damage, you could be pulled over and receive a ticket. Save yourself the time and money and mend that windshield!

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