Auto Glass Repair & Replacement in Overland Park, Kansas

Auto Glass Repair Services

Kansas City's Premier Auto Glass Repair Shop

The Auto Glass & Tint Shop team are experts in auto glass repair services in Kansas City. We use break-through technology to restore the value and structural integrity of your car and fix broken auto glass. For auto glass repair on windows and windshields, we can fix minor damage such as chips, or cracks up to the length of a dollar bill with minimal distortion to the glass.

A windshield repair is typically quick, improves the clarity of the windshield, and reduces the visibility of damage while smoothing the surface of the glass.

Over time, minor windshield cracks could turn into a major problem. If the damage spreads as a result of broken glass, the entire windshield may need to be replaced. Windshield replacement is often preferred because it strengthens the structure of the car while keeping you and your passengers safe from environmental or accidental damage.

We use glass that is made to the same specifications as the original manufacturer or equivalent quality glass that is indistinguishable from the original.


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