Auto Glass Calibration Services in Overland Park, Kansas

Calibration Services ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

What is Auto Glass Calibration?

Did you know auto glass recalibration is required when most windshields are replaced? Newer cars have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) built-in, electronic sensors that collect data that interacts with a car’s technology and contributes to the vehicle’s safety. Auto glass, including windshields, is part of the ADAS in most newer cars on the road. So just putting a new windshield in place isn’t enough. Auto glass calibration is essential!

We offer in-house, custom calibration that other companies just don’t have the expertise or the machinery to do.

We begin by carefully diagnosing any issues and then proceed to fix or recalibrate the affected system. Whether it’s a problem with a sensor, camera, radar, or software, we use our expertise and advanced tools to effectively resolve the issue.


Why is Calibration Required?


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