Why Is Glass in a Car so Important?

1122 Whyisglassinacarsoimportant

The glass in your car is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle. While windshields are great for keeping you dry and protecting you from dirt and rocks, they provide much more than meets the eye. Designed with safety in mind, your windshield glass in particular plays an essential role in ensuring you arrive at your destination. Even a mere crack in your glass could put you and your passengers at risk. 

Front-End Accident Protection

A frontal impact collision is an incredibly dangerous accident. Broken bones, head and neck trauma, brain and spinal cord injuries, and even death can result from these collisions depending on the severity of the crash. In these emergencies, your windshield protects you in several ways. 

Almost 50% of your vehicle’s front cabin is supported by your windshield. After a head-on collision, it is necessary to keep the car’s frontal foundation intact. If you have a weak windshield, this lessens the support and could lead to total destruction of the front of your vehicle. 

Since passenger ejection is also frequent with severe frontal impact, your windshield helps defend your passengers from being thrown out of the car. It works to minimize initial impact and can prevent anyone not wearing a seatbelt from a possible fatality. An unstable windshield absorbs much less of the contact and may cause serious damage.

Airbag Efficiency

When involved in an accident where airbags are deployed, they reduce the chance that your head or upper body will hit the interior of your vehicle. Without a solid windshield, the activation of your airbags could be compromised.  

After an accident sensor deploys the passenger-side airbag, they inflate and bounce against the car’s windshield. If the force is strong enough, it could cause your windshield to break. This is especially true if there is a chip or a crack in the glass. When your windshield breaks, the airbags don’t allow for the best level of protection, putting all passengers at risk.

Support During a Car Rollover

The entire structure of your vehicle relies on the support of its windshield. One of the most threatening aspects of a car rollover is when the roof of the vehicle becomes crushed. In the event of a rollover, the windshield can offer up to 60% of the roof support. Without a sturdy windshield, passengers are prone to critical injuries.

Protection from Flying Objects

One of the more obvious needs for a windshield is to prevent weather, bugs, dirt, or debris from entering your vehicle. Compromised windshields are at risk of impaired visibility, and when hit at high speeds, debris can cause serious injuries and/or damage to all involved.  

Even worse, vehicle parts can become airborne when involved in a crash. These parts could be large and sharp, endangering the lives of everyone in the vehicle. A strong, working windshield blocks these hazards from entering your car and exposing passengers to harm.

Let Us Repair or Replace Your Windshield Today!

Over time, minor windshield cracks can turn into a major problem. Don’t let a crack in your windshield become the difference between life or death. At Auto Glass & Tint Shop, we use break-through technology to fix broken auto glass and restore the value and structural integrity of your vehicle. 

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