5 Hidden Benefits of Window Tint

5 Hidden Benefits of Window Tint

Your car is an investment and you want it to look good and last a long time. You’ve probably been thinking of ways to upgrade or enhance its appearance. So, why not consider a high-quality window tint? In fact, it goes beyond a stylish look. There are actually many hidden benefits of window tint. Let’s take a look.

1. Reduces Glare

The glare of the sun can be a danger for drivers. Usually, you have to squint or wear sunglasses to block the light. Window tint significantly helps reduce the glare, so you can see better and concentrate on the road.

2. Safety and Security

Accidents happen, but window tint helps the minimize the risk of shattering glass. The glass will break, but the fragments adhere to the film, protecting you from possible lacerations and eye injuries. Additionally, window tint can help secure your possessions. At night, it adds privacy to the interior of your car, protecting your valuables from potential break-ins.

3. Significantly Reduces Interior from Fading

Window tint protects the car’s interior from sun damage by reducing ultraviolet rays up to 99%. Therefore, you can enjoy your car longer and don’t have to worry about the seats, carpets, or dashboards warping or fading from the heat of the sun.

4. Protects Your Skin

Not only does window tint protect the interior of the car, but it protects you, too. Over time, driving in direct sunlight can expose you to harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause sunburns and damage the skin. If you’re at risk for cancer or have children with sensitive skin, a window tint forms a protective barrier from the sun.

5. Energy Efficient

Your car can look good and save you money, too. Window tint rejects heat and can reduce your car’s interior surface temperatures by as much as 29°F, which creates a more comfortable ride, lessens the burden on the air conditioning system, and ultimately saves fuel.

Go the Extra Mile with Auto Glass & Tint Shop

Do you want to make your car look cool or protect the interior from fading? An affordable, quality window tint begins with Auto Glass & Tint Shop. We offer several window tint options. Our customers love the 3M Crystalline series film which is a non-metalized, lighter tint. Crystalline film doesn’t interfere with your phone or GPS and blocks 99.9% of UV lights. Another popular tint choice is ceramic window film which is available upon request.

Whatever your window tint goals are, our expert certified technicians can help. Contact us today for a free quote.